Reiki can do so much for the animals...give it a chance.

Control your costs and bid your jobs more accurately for 

managing your fleet and repairs.


Options= Reiki 20 min. - $25.00 USD 

 Reiki 30 min.- $35.00 USD   

Reiki 45 min. ( with Communication) $50.00 USD   

Reiki 60 min (with Comm. or Crystals) $75.00 USD

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Connect with me through [email protected], FB, or call (978) 372-2231. 

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Premarin Mares 

Do you know where the main ingredient in the drug Premarin comes from? The urine from pregnant mares. Did you know there are farms that impregnate mares specifically for this purpose over and over and dispose of the horses cruelly when when they can't be bred anymore? This horse backed up to the fence for a hands on rump Reiki session. A popular request!