Reiki energy work helps so much...

Reiki is a non-invasive method of energy work used either in conjunction with or without veterinary care. It does not replace vet care.

All animals- service, show, wild, domestic, pets or strays can use the power of Reiki energy work. 

Reiki can help ease the pain of arthritis, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and even help during birth and death transitions. Or it can just be used for preventative wellness and keep the chakras in balance.

Humans are being helped in hospitals daily world-wide. Don't our animals deserve the same benefits?​


Near or far, local or long distance, I can get Reiki to the animal it is intended for. Hands on, off or at a distance.

$50 for 30 minutes

$100 for an hour



Used to enhance the benefits of Reiki work. When a specific ailment is known and the benefits are meant to be targeted, crystals can be brought in. They magnify the properties in the crystals themselves. No harm can come to an animal.



Because Reiki automatically allows an animal to enter a calmer, more receptive state, communication is easier to attempt and work with.


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Reiki works with conventional veterinary care, it doesn't replace it.